Winging It: Radars and Comments on SPFL Premiership Wide Attackers

Juventus have bought Genoa’s goalkeeper Matia Perin for an initial fee of €12million. Hearts fans must be hoping that receiving that amount of cash may cause the Rossoblu to soften their asking price for David Milinkovic from a reported £600,000 to a figure closer to something that their club could afford. Milinkovic was a success on loan in Edinburgh during the 2017/18 season – scoring five goals and making five assists in the SPFL Premiership – and it would be a real coup if they could bring him back on a permanent basis.

Across the city Brandon Barker was also a success and has himself stated how much he enjoyed playing for Hibs. He has two years left on his contract at Manchester City but is nowhere near the first team and, although Rangers have been linked with a move for him recently, it would be excellent if he too could return to Edinburgh for the 2018/19 season.

Brandon Barker IG.png

Here, we take a quick, radar based, look at how Milinkovic, Barker and some of the other wide attackers at clubs outwith the Old Firm performed in the league last season. While this isn’t a direct comparison as the individuals included may perform very different roles for their clubs, and in fact at times may not have played as wide attackers, it is certainly interesting to see what a player has contributed and highlight some areas in which things could have gone better. We’ve excluded Celtic and Rangers players and their stats (glossary here) because both of those clubs’ attackers outperformed the other players in the division so significantly but there are good players outwith the Glasgow giants who deserve recognition. Look out for some conclusions at the bottom of the page and add your own to the conversation by contacting Pure Fitbaw on Twitter.


David Milinkovic Hearts SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Jordan Jones Kilmarnock 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Brandon Barker Hibs SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Chris Cadden Motherwell SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger TemplateDavid Templeton Hamilton SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger TemplateGary MacKay Steven Aberdeen 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger TemplateMartin Boyle Hibs SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Greg Stewart Aberdeen SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Steven Lawless Partick Thistle SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Michael Gardyne Ross County SPFL 2017 2018 Season Non Old Firm Winger Template

Blair Alston St Johnstone SPFL 2017 2018 Non Old Firm Winger Template

PureFitbaw’s quick conclusions

Blair Alston, Brandon Barker and Jordan Jones shoot a lot from poor locations in comparison to the other players.

When David Milinkovic, Gary McKay Steven and Steven Lawless shoot it tends to be from better locations than most of the other players manage.

Compared to their peers when Brandon Barker, Martin Boyle, Jordan Jones and David Milinkovic set up a shot it tends to be into a dangerous location.

However, the opposite is true for Michael Gardyne, Greg Stewart and Steven Lawless – their Key Passes do not go to dangerous locations.

While Motherwell have seen success with their 3-5-2 formation – getting to two domestic cup finals – it might be nice to see Chris Cadden play in a more advanced role instead of at wingback.

Jordan Jones has had a good season – achieving his first international caps in the process. If Steve Clarke can coach him into better decisions about where he shoots from he could be set to be a huge success in 2018/19.

It would be interesting to hear from some Partick Thistle fans about what exactly Steven Lawless was doing for them this past season.

Contact Pure Fitbaw on Twitter to add your own views to the conversation and request radars for any other SPFL Premiership wide attackers you wish to see.


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