Let Me Be Your Fantasy, Football Scotland – Podcast

With just days before the Scottish Premiership 2020/21 season starts Owen Brown, Chris Samson and Gavin Miller discuss the SPFL’s handling of the lead up; the lack of a sponsor, the streaming service situation, foreign broadcast rights and the social media offering.

Then we focus on the pitch highlighting two players at each club; a player who’ll be key to their team’s success and a boom or bust player at a critical point in their career.

Listen to the podcast directly at https://pure-fitbaw.simplecast.com/episodes/let-me-be-your-fantasy-football-scotland and on Apple, Android and at Spotify.


Join the Pure Fitbaw Fantasy Football Scotland game and compete against us for prizes including cash money. Go to http://www.twitter.com/PureFitbaw for all the details.

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