Aberdeen – Mentality or Not Good Enough?

Last month’s 2-0 Scottish Cup semi-final defeat against Celtic at Hampden, along with Sundays 4-0 defeat to league leaders, Rangers, had Aberdeen fans asking themselves a similar question. Why can’t they beat the Glasgow pair when it matters the most? Many Scottish football enthusiasts like myself thought that after the league encounter with Celtic the … Continue reading Aberdeen – Mentality or Not Good Enough?

This Week In Premiership Stats

For our first This Week In Premiership Stats look at individual players we're going to keep it pretty straightforward. A little less of me pointing wildly at charts of percentage breakdowns of passes made per attack and a little more of just chatting about who kicks the ball at the goal the most. So, here are the players that pull the trigger the most from open play in the Scottish Premiership so far this season and their average xG per shot.

This Week In Premiership Stats

Nearly a full round of eleven matches each for the twelve Scottish Premiership teams seems like a fair point to at which to stop and take stock. Points win prizes but some other numbers can give us a more reliable indication of which team's form might actually carry them to the podium.

Feel like Ross County should have scored more goals than they have? Think Hibs have fluked their way to third? Unsure whether to place that bet on Hamilton Accies surviving another season? Let's take an early look at the Pure Fitbaw Expected Goals Table and pick out a note for each team.

Shane Duffy; the attitude towards Scottish Football in physical form

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and overhyped Premier League players getting put on their arse in the Scottish Premiership. It has happened again, and Shane Duffy is at the centre of the action. There’s still plenty of time for him to become a very good player for Celtic and it’s perhaps too … Continue reading Shane Duffy; the attitude towards Scottish Football in physical form

What’s Changed About Chance Creation For Every SPFL Premiership Team?

Let's take a quick look at what's changed from last season to this in terms of the percentage of their total non penalty Expected Goals that has come from six different groupings of chance creation type for each Premiership team.

Is the team you support getting a larger share of their chances from starting moves in the opposition half and using just a few passes before shooting? Are they more or less reliant on set pieces?

First, a look at what's happened to the average for the division and, as you read the note for each team , keep in mind that a change doesn't mean a team is better or worse at it or getting more or fewer chances from that category - just that the percentage of their total that comes from that category type has changed. >