A new era dawns at Alloa with the arrival of Peter Grant

Alloa’s pre-season has been cast with a shadow of doubt up until last weeks movement from Alloa and St Mirren. The highly rated Irishman, Jim Goodwin, returned home to St Mirren on a three year deal, meaning Alloa were once again on the lookout for a new boss after losing out to the Paisley side….

Our Girls, Our Game: Assessing Scotland’s Women’s World Cup Squad

It’s official Shelley Kerr has selected her twenty-three women squad for Scotland’s debut at the Women’s World Cup in France. Here at Pure Fitbaw we give you the low down on the names and faces you’ll be cheering on this summer as Kerr’s side take on England, Japan and Argentina in Group A before hopefully going further than any of our national sides have gone before…

Home Of The Brave Shows Home Of The Banter How It’s Done

Evan McFarlane highlights the digi-social promotional techniques Scottish football can adopt from MLS. Can the SPFL call upon a cast of footballing characters, club volunteers and unique match day experiences in a more effective way, influenced by the American approach? There are a lot of positive things happening on the digital side of Scottish Football…

Morton Managerial Finnish Provokes Questions About Club’s Future

Perhaps I’m biased, but for my money there isn’t a better professional football league in the world than the Scottish Championship. This season especially has had more twists, turns and backstabbing than a typical series of Line of Duty and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Falkirk FC are of course the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of patter this season, of that there is no doubt, but every Rock needs their Austin. Step forward, Greenock Morton.

The Alex McLeish Sympathy Bandwagon

🚨 @PureFitbaw Podcast 🚨 In episode 11, The Alex McLeish Sympathy Bandwagon, of the Pure Fitbaw Podcast Gavin and Owen discuss some – sort of – under radar Premiership players, @LiviFCOfficial’s season, Championship relegation fight & our takes on @ScotlandNT job. Apple: tinyurl.com/PF11iTunes Spotify: tinyurl.com/PF11Spotify Stream: tinyurl.com/PF11Stream

Moussa Dembele Is The Third Best Striker In France And That’s Great News For Scottish Football

 Last week, as Brendan Rodgers snuck out of Glasgow – leaving Celtic temporarily without a manager just months away from an unprecedented treble treble – Moussa Dembele stared long and hard at the walls of his apartment in Lyon. A Live, Love, Laugh wall ornament, an Edith Piaf poster centred on the words Non, je ne regrette rien and a vast oil painting of his own face, captured in post scoring ecstasy, took up space along with his SPFL Player of the Month and Team of the Year awards.
Those teeth. Those stupid, horsey gnashers within that smug rictus grin. They gleamed out at Dembele from the curved metal of his awards. Rodgers. Those teeth of his. That face. Those words. The promises. Dembele snatched up his phone and let loose his rage. Hashtags. Gifs. Memes.

Sectarianism in Scottish Football: It’s time to make a stand

Nobody likes talking about it. It’s a horrible issue, one I even try to avoid on Twitter altogether because it opens up a can of worms you’ll struggle to close for quite a while after. Sometimes though, it’s hard not to want to speak up. Steve Clarke did so this week, but the points he…