The 12 SPFL Premiership Clubs Ranked For The Stay At Home Fan

Are you Pure Fitbaw but also pure lazy?

Or perhaps there are other reasons such as disability, financial constraints, working hours, location or family commitments which mean you can't actually go to watch football live? Although Scotland does have one of the highest overall attendances at football per capita in Europe there are many more people who love football but don't go to games. We've all read reviews of pies, ticket prices and pubs close to the ground but Pure Fitbaw is here to review some aspects of the modern match experience for the stay at home fan. For each SPFL Premiership club, to understand how immersed you can get in the experience and to check which clubs are making the most of opportunities to engage with their fans away from the ground, we tried to buy the 2018/19 away top from their websites, watch their club TV channel and Instagram Stories content and finally check out the tone and key match day content of their Twitter feed.

In a completely unscientific manner we've awarded scores out of 10 for each club and reveal the winner at the bottom of this review.