SPFL Free Agent – Chasing Dreams or Lost Causes?

We all believe to some extent that footballers are invincible and live lavish, stress free lifestyles with more girlfriends than problems. However, they can face stress, anxiety, fear and doubt on a regular basis just the same as you and me. It is easy to forget that every year thousands of players face the harsh reality of being told that their services are no longer needed and that their club is going to release them. How would you feel? Imagine how disheartening it would be for you to walk into your workplace only to be told; "sorry we don't want you anymore"  or "we can't afford to keep you".  This can be reality for some of us on occasion but the majority of football players in Scotland face this sort of challenge every single year. Former Partick Thistle, Kilmarnock, Ayr and Falkirk player Conrad Balatoni is now, like many other footballers, facing the prospect of unemployment and has to decide whether to continue to chase his dream or move into the supposed 'real world'. Pure Fitbaw spoke to Balatoni in an attempt to understand what it's like to be a football free agent.