Dundee United’s Fluid Attack Is Not A One Man Show

I didn't want to believe it, even though we've been top of the league since the first game of the season.
There's always been a sense that we would find a way to Dundee United everything up and be doomed to another season in the Championship one way or another. But, now that 24 games have been played and we're 17 points clear of the league in January with the most goals scored, the least goals conceded, a striker who has scored 22 goals in 19 league games, and a goalkeeper that has kept 10 clean sheets in 24 games. Yeah, we're going up.

Ross Wilson Could Change The Game For Rangers

“It has given me time to find out more about him, how he works and have some really detailed conversations so we can't wait to start the relationship. It is only around the corner so that is fantastic news for the club."
Steven Gerrard was positive and enthusiastic when was asked about the appointment of Ross Wilson, former Southampton Director of Football Operations, as Rangers' Sporting Director.

Wilson replaces Mark Allen as the man that Gerrard will have to trust and rely upon to deliver the club's recruitment strategy. That strategy, and its execution, has maybe not quite been up to the standard of a forward thinking club in recent years.

Stat To The Future

On this bonus podcast episode, 'Stat To The Future', Owen (www.twitter.com/OwenJamesBrown) and Gavin (www.twitter.com/PureFitbaw) use data from Modern Fitba to take a look back at the players of the 2018/19 Scottish Premiership season

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Heart of Midlothian: Tactical Analysis. What is the answer?

Whilst questions remain over Levein’s tenure and tactics, very little solutions have been offered. Hearts have huffed and puffed over finding a strong eleven that they can find consistency with. There is a spine to the team but many players who tend to drift in and out. After another intensive summer of recruitment, the squad … Continue reading Heart of Midlothian: Tactical Analysis. What is the answer?

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Heart of Midlothian: Tactical Analysis. Where has it went wrong?

The first home game of the season. This fixture usually brings blind optimism of the season ahead. Good weather, large crowds and an opportunity for a fresh start. This however, wasn’t the case at Tynecastle this past weekend. A tepid 0-0 draw with Ross County has heaped pressure on Craig Levein as Hearts manager. By … Continue reading Heart of Midlothian: Tactical Analysis. Where has it went wrong?

Morton Managerial Finnish Provokes Questions About Club’s Future

Perhaps I’m biased, but for my money there isn’t a better professional football league in the world than the Scottish Championship. This season especially has had more twists, turns and backstabbing than a typical series of Line of Duty and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Falkirk FC are of course the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of patter this season, of that there is no doubt, but every Rock needs their Austin. Step forward, Greenock Morton.